Data Processing Automation

Operations and marketing teams spend lots of time prepping data from various systems, SaaS services, and partners for operational reporting, data analysis, and moving data between systems. Data Prep Runner (DPR) helps analysts unwrangle data and transition it to repeatable IT supported environments.
Available in UI and command-line
> dpr run processTimesheet

  • Robust Data Prep Having good data is essential in today's environment. DPR provides easy to manage data prep. Build a robust data pipeline. DPR provides checks based on past data in case incoming data isn't quite right.
  • Automate Data Processing Drive transactions into your systems with DPR. Lots of data prep tools create pretty graphs, DPR gets the data where it needs to end up. Use it to drive data driven test automation. Load data into your system databases as new transactions.
  • Data Profiling Ensure your data integration projects deliver on time. Instead of uncovering data issues during test cycles, uncover and tackle those scenarios early.
  • The List That Keeps The Team on the Same Page

    Qvikly Lists keeps teams on the same page. It simplifies seeing what changed and any tasks that need to be done.
    Use it for structured information like product price lists, department budgets, project portfolio management, and even announcements.
    It brings together approvals, versioning, document attachments, persistent chat, and row-level security options.

  • Team Information Sharing Ensure your team knows of data changes - product details, consultant rates or even team roles.
  • Service Organizations If you are serving other groups and need to track approvals along with documents - Qvikly Lists keeps all of that together.
  • Partner Collaboration Project prioritization, requirements sharing and approvals, and keeping all stakeholders updated - Qvikly provides a highly configurable solution.
  • Internal Department Tracking Use Qvikly Lists to track things like budgeted items, contracts, invoices, and meeting notes.
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