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The Modern Shared List

Use Qvikly to gather and share information and get work done - bug tracking, support requests, product and price lists, employee directory, local bulletin posts, etc..

Qvikly acts like a spreadsheet and a database. You can customize how the data is shown. Multiple changes can be made before sharing your changes. All history is stored, so you can see who made what changes and what the data looked like before. Tasks allow you to assign work and track who's completed. For the assignee, completing a task is a single step along with updating data. See in more detail by clicking on the sections below:
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Getting Started

Qvikly is as flexible as a spreadsheet, but much more powerful with built-in collaboration features.
1. Create group - define the group you are collaborating with.
2. Create list - cut/paste data from a spreadsheet, or use a template, or define custom fields.
3. Custom views - see information in a table, or as card, or as a record.

Table View

Card View

Split View with focus on Individual Record

4. Sort, group, and filter - very easy to slice and dice the data quickly.

Sort and group by options

Filter by full text or by listed values

Assign Tasks

Work requires follow-up. Qvikly helps you focus on what needs your attention.
1. Manager assigns task - Ask one or more people to make changes and give them a due date.
2. Contributor completes their work - Publishes changes or send comments without changes marking the task as completed.
3. Manager sees task status - Tasks are tracked with who has completed and when. Late tasks are marked in red.

More Powerful

  • icon Activity Stream
    See the comments people made along with their changes as an activity stream. Qvikly sends email updates too.
  • icon Assign Tasks
    Ask people to review or make changes to lists. See your tasks, who has completed and who hasn't.
  • icon Central Info Hub
    Publish commonly used lists such as projects, prices, vendors, holidays, customers, so your teams are all working with the latest.
  • icon Change History
    See what data you shared, since every change has a reference to which records were changed or added or removed.
  • icon Re-purpose Lists
    Use a list for your group's own needs without cutting and pasting. Add columns that are visible only to your group.
  • icon Fast and Simple
    Feels like a spreadsheet, with keyboard support for moving around, searching, and always available multi-device support.
  • icon Lineage
    See how many people are using a list, which lists are the most popular, and how many ways that list is being re-purposed.
  • icon Simple Permissions
    Give read-only or update permissions. Allow those people to also share and create re-purposed lists they can manage.




10 Lists

Upgrade manually

Upto 25 Users

For team managers or personal use - team calendars, events, rosters, meeting notes, etc..



100 Lists

Upgrade manually

Upto 100 Users

Starter for your small business - track customers, invoices, holidays, product price lists, ..



300 Lists

Upgrade manually

Unlimited Users

Upgrade from the starter pack as your business grows to use more of our templates to track everything



500 Lists

$10 / each additional 100 lists

Unlimited Users

Make Qvikly an essential part of your enterprise, empower your people for success

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