icon Lists - Simple and Powerful

Create lists to collaborate with your team
Re-purpose data without creating copies
View any version of changes

  • icon Activity Stream
    See the comments people made along with their changes as an activity stream. Qvikly sends email updates too.
  • icon Assign Tasks
    Ask people to review or make changes to lists. See your tasks, who has completed and who hasn't.
  • icon Central Info Hub
    Publish commonly used lists such as holidays, projects, vendors, customers, all in one place.
  • icon Simple Permissions
    Give read-only or update permissions. Allow those people to also share and create re-purposed lists they can manage.
  • icon Versions and Tags
    See what data you shared, since every change has a reference to which records were changed or added or removed. Tag versions for easy reference.
  • icon Re-purpose Lists
    Use a list for your group's own needs without cutting and pasting. Add columns that are visible only to your group.
  • icon Fast and Simple
    Feels like a spreadsheet, with keyboard support for moving around, searching, always available multi-device support and with history.
  • icon Lineage
    See how many people are using a list, which lists are the most popular, and how many ways that list is being re-purposed.

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After importing your data, specify rules like filters, conversions, mappings, matches to get the data looking right. Find anomalies and unique values for data profiling.


Pull data from databases, websites, Excel/CSV and text files, and join it to create custom views. Works into the millions of records!


As your work your data, processing rules are captured, both documenting your process and automating it. With automation, you will work with fresh data more often, resulting in fewer data issues on reports due to timing, etc..


Send data and processes directly through Qvikly Exchange, instead of saving to folders and email attachments. Qvikly provides publishing to a trusted group or sending to a group of individuals, like sending to your directs or to your boss.