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[<- Back to DPR Home](/data_processing) | [ DPR v1.3.1 Release Notes](/dpr_updates_1_3_0) ### Release 1.4.0 1. Allow for multiple configuration files to be setup and imported along with the primary file. The additional files can contain process templates, processes, and tasks only. Other settings still need to be specified in the primary config file. This allows for separating configuration into smaller pieces which can possibly be shared between multiple projects. ``` { "imports": ["log-processes.json", "c:\\project\\shared-defns\\file-defns.json"], "settings": {}, "project": {} } ``` 2. FIX: Parameters passed in via the command line (`set myvar myvarvalue`) only took effect one for a specified step. Now, re-running processes with different variables will work. 3. FIX: Changes to the MySQL default database driver class name so it is now referencing `com.mysql.jdbc.Driver`. 4. Changed the default DPR config filename to `dpr-config.json` vs. `config.json`, though the old name is still supported as a fallback. 5. Provided capability to specify the driver class name and URL for databases not currently built-in to DPR. An example configuration would be as follows: ```` [ {"name": "MyNewVendorDB", "driverClassName": "com.newvendor.jdbc.Driver", "url": "jdbc:mysql://:/", "server": "localhost", "port": 3306, "databaseid": "trading", "username": "dan", "password": "mypassword"} ] ````