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[<- Back to DPR Home](/data_processing) | [ DPR v2.2.0 Release Notes](/dpr_updates_2_2_0) ### Release 2.3.0 1. Added stages of prep, verify, and publish so when you run a process, it will go through the publish stage only if the verify stage doesn't result in errors. You can also separately publish data at a later point and only run the prep/verify stages and view the data with the UI. ``` dpr> run MyProcess <- this will run through the entire process of prepping data, checking it (if validations are specified), and publishing data if no validation errors are found dpr> check MyProcess <- this will run the specified validations against the prepped data dpr> publish MyProcess <- this will cause the publish to occur, using data from the prepped stage along with any overrides that are specified through the UI ``` 2. UI now supports going through the validation results and being able to fix fields on errored records, mark records to skip when publishing and mark records to ignore any validation issues and publish as-is 3. Web service connections now support being able to specify additional headers to add whenever a web service call is made, where the URL matches the baseUrl specified for the web connection in settings. This can be used if you know the headers that need to be sent. ``` {settings: webConnections: [ {"name": "QviklyLists-HeadersExample", "baseUrl": "https://qvikly.com/lists/api/v1/", "headers": {"email": "myemail@work.com", "clientid": "51f2878f-9494-42b6-df3d-ce72af779bcb", "Authorization": "Bearer VllVdG1SUncrTW9GRlMxYkFTSGtPd1V2UUc4UDdTcTJRV0kyR0ZsVXVkYz0="}} ]} ```