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[<- Back to DPR Home](/data_processing) | [ DPR v2.3.0 Release Notes](/dpr_updates_2_3_0) ### Release 2.4.0 1. Added ability to setup DPR to run processes in the background, either based on a schedule or by scanning for files. ```` "processes": [{ name: TradeImportProcess, steps: [], auto: {scan: "${!basedir}\\inputs\\partner1\\trade*.xlsx", interval: "5mins"} }, { name: WeekDayFetch, steps: [], auto: {schedule: {days: [Mon,Tues,Wed,Thurs,Fri], times: [6pm]} }] ```` 2. Parsing JSON in fields is now supported. ```` steps:[ {type: readExcel, file: "${!basedir}\\inputs\\datafileWithJSON.xlsx", worksheet: Sheet1, startCell: A1, endCell: D1, treatFirstRowAsHeader: true}, {type: parseJSON, field: JSONData} ] ```` 3. Allow for appending to a CSV file. Sometimes you may want to continue to dump inbound data into an existing file. The `append` option has been added to the outputToCSV module. ```` steps: [ {type: outputToCSV, file: "${!basedir}\\outputs\\tradeConfirms.csv", append: true} ] ````