One Tool for All Your Information Collaboration Needs.

Track any information your team needs to be successful.
- Bug Tracking
- Program Project Portfolio
- Department Budgets
- Product and Price Lists
- Meeting Notes
- Consultant Rates
Make it yours, really!

Reduce the learning curve.
All information in one place.
Save costs on multiple vendors.
See it in action

Version Control

  • Get back to what your information looked like at any point in time.
  • See all the changes with any commit.
  • View the history of changes on any one record.
  • No need to keep documents with version numbers and dates.

Workflow and Approvals

  • Assign tasks to team members.
  • Know who has completed the task and who is still pending without needing to look through emails.

Activity Stream

  • After making edits, publish your changes, mark any tasks as complete and chat in one tool and in one step.
  • Real-time push of comments and updates.
  • Skip email so you don't need to mentally track what's happened. It's all in the activity stream.

Customized Views

  • View budget forecasts or sprint boards as tables with grouping and summary rows.
  • View requirements or project risks as cards with a split view where each record stands on it's own. Chat on each record individually.